Free Hotel Management System

For small Players with big ideas....

Click here to view a larger imageWe are dedicated to assist the industry as a whole and understand that smaller hotels might have difficulties signing up for traditional software systems. This could be due to investment, operating costs, limited revenue volume, low seasonality, newly entered the hotel business, needing time to ramp up business, brand positioning and so forth.

We see that as an opportunity and offer a free HMS option for smaller hotels/BnBs with less than 6 rooms. You will get access to the full calendar and commission-free, multi-use booking engine options to operate and take reservations without any obligations what so ever.

Maximum number of rooms - 6
Maximum number of room types - 2

System Login access codes - 1
Booking engine source codes - optional paid option
Facebook / WorldPress Plug-in, TripAdvisor booking engine source codes - Yes
Channel Manager - optional paid option
Booking Commissions - No
Dedicated hotel listings page - optional paid option
Group deal - For individual hotels only

Please contact our teams for more details here