Pay for the services you want, not for a "plan"

Click here to view a larger imageWhy pay for rooms you do not have and services you do not use? The fees for the online booking system and property management system are calculated based on your actual number of rooms and room types, plus a base-fee

Paying per channel manager connection allows you to add or reduce channels as required with full control over fees

(Right: Calendar view - Click image to enlarge in new window)

Included at no extra cost:
- Full Hotel Management System (HMS)
- Commission free online bookings
- Mobile friendly, customizable booking engines
- One channel of your choice for one room type
- Highly customisable and feature packed system
- Email notifications on new bookings
- Automated messaging with guests and staff
- Multiple property management
- Ticket support system and email support
- Zero-Commission hotel listing (basic) at

Request for a demo of Unplugged Collection PMS & Reservation systemOptional add-ons:
- More Channel connections
- facebook booking engine
- Multiple user login levels
- Online payments
- SMS notifications
- Integrations
- Additional users with access control
and more...